Year 6 become experts of the heart!


Last week, the Year 6 children were very fortunate as they were visited by three cardiologists, all experts when it came to matters of the heart. Eva Pring’s Dad was kind enough to support Mr Wise and Mr Pollard, who have been focussing on the human body in Science this term.
To support the class, a pig’s heart and an oxen’s heart were brought into class to see the similarities and differences between them, as well as seeing if there were similarities with our own hearts. The class looked at the different areas of the heart, as well as recognising what the aorta does and how blood flows through the heart from chamber to chamber.
It was a fascinating lesson and the children and  the teachers were all very thankful to Mr Pring and his colleagues for coming in and sharing their knowledge.


At first it looked disgusting, but once we started I found it really interesting – Darwynn


The cardiologists were all really nice people and they let us touch the hearts so that we could understand what the most important muscle in our bodies feels like – Lola