Medals for Penpol Sporting Stars!

This week we’ve had some excellent news from Kian, Sabina and Amelie who have all competed and won medals in their respective sports.  Kian is a superstar swimmer whilst Sabine and Amelie are excellent gymnasts.  Here they are talking about their wins in their own words…

“I went up to Plymouth for a swimming gala and it was for all of Devon and Cornwall swimming clubs.  I swam 100m backstroke and out of 57 people I came 5th!  I was amazed because it was my last race of the day and I didn’t think I’d be able to get the medal!” – Kian – Year 5


“I had medals because I’ve done so well in gymnastics.  The gold medal was for Vault, which I came first in and the silver was for my Bench Routine.  My bronze medal was because I came third out of everyone there!” – Sabina, Year 1

“At Penzance gymnastics club I got my gold medal for my Bench Routine and my silver was because I came second overall!  There were about fifty people all together and it felt very surprising but also really nice coming second.” – Amelie, Year 1