Languages Stars of the Week – 16 March 2018

Infant Language Stars of the week

Faith, Class 1 and Skye, Class 2

These past few weeks, Reception classes have been learning about animals at the zoo, as well as key adjectives to describe them, such as colours. 

Class 1 – Reception – Faith

Faith is always enthusiastic in French and this week she was reaching for the stars, showing an excellent knowledge of the names of each animal.  She was also able to describe each animal’s colour in French and regularly puts her hand up to volunteer for the French games we play in class.

Class 2 – Reception – Skye

Skye has also been raising the bar in Class 2, showing an excellent knowledge of animals in French.  She always volunteers to take part in the storytelling activities and is very enthusiastic during the whole class competitions.  Skye can also sing songs we have done in class without help, such as ‘Frère Jacques’

Bravo to both Faith and Skye!

Mr Emery

Junior Star of the Week

 Leah, Class 10 and Jake, Class 9

Year 4 were, to put it simply, incredible this week and have been working very hard in French over the past few months. Our stars of the week, Leah and Jake, did very well in French.  They were able to draw upon their knowledge of food in French and were able to deliver a role-play to a competent level in front of their peers.

Class 9 – Year 4 – Jake

Jake was able to include key information for the cafe role play this week, such as what he wanted to order, the quality of his meal, the bill and the essential courteous comments, such as “merci” and “s’il vous plait”.

Class 10 – Year 4 – Leah

Leah, from Class 10, scored very well in the Kahoot challenge, an online quiz which is interactive and fun for all.  In this online quiz, Leah demonstrated an excellent understanding of key vocabulary from the topic of at the café.

A massive ‘felicitations’ to both.

Mr Emery