Aboriginal Art

For our topic of Weather Around The World, Class 8 have visited Australia. We found out about the climate there and studied some of the Aboriginal culture: Dream stories and artwork. Inspired by some of the pieces that we had studied, the children set about designing and drafting their own animal based picture in the aboriginal style.

I loved looking at all the different pieces of aboriginal art. I especially liked finding Australian animals. – Harry

We then painstakingly completed our final pieces with acrylic on paper, dot by dot by dot!  The animal designs were made first using paint on black paper. We then used white paper to make our backgrounds. We had to choose colours that complemented our animal designs so they stood out. To create our dots, we used cotton wool buds liberally loaded with paint and carefully applied onto the paper.

I really enjoyed making the background – Tess

Our finished products will be on display in our classroom.