A Brilliant Book Day

Class 4 had so much fun on Friday. It was Penpol Book Day! The school missed World Book Day due to the snowy weather but we made up for it in style. Everybody dressed up as their favourite book character and Class 4 were dressed to impress. Check out some of our photos…

I was dressed up as the wolf man and I was so excited because I won a prize for the dressing up competition. – Flynn

The children and the parents put in a huge effort in making the costumes. The children looked fantastic. They brought in their favourite stories from home and shared them with the class.

I’m Mr Strong. Mum and Dad helped me make my costume. I love it. – Zak



Georgia and Tacita dressed up as Goldilocks.


I dressed up as the rainbow fish. I helped my mum make the costume and my mum wore the same costume to her school for their book day. – Ada.

Goldilocks and the 3 Bears


Well done class 4.