Star of the Week – 1st December 2017

Overall Infant Star of the Week

Class 4 – Year 1 – Flynn

Class 4’s Infant Star of the week is Flynn. Congratulations Flynn you have been working really hard recently. Flynn has been listening, concentrating and doing some fantastic work. I especially enjoyed reading your writing this week, you did a great job. A pleasure to have in the class! Well-done Flynn.

Miss Ryan

Overall Junior Star of the Week

Class 12 – Year 5 – Miranda

Miranda always works hard and tries her best in all areas. She has recently been awarded her handwriting licence for fabulous handwriting, the first in the class. She produces quality homework and has recently brought in a handmade Humphry Davy lamp, which glows. Miranda was voted one of the School Councillors for Class 12 and has been a role model for her peers. I know she will represent the school and class well in this role. She has been very helpful and enthusiastic in class. Well-done Miranda!

Mr Peck

Stars of the Week

Class 1 – Reception – Bella

Our star of the week this week goes to Bella. Bella is a really kind and helpful girl that plays beautifully with everyone in the class. She shares the toys and is considerate of others. Bella has done some great counting this week and has written numbers up to 12. Well-done Bella keep up the great work.

Miss Aspden

Class 3 – Year 1 – Lylie 

The star of the week in Class 3 is Lylie. She is fantastic at skipping and gymnastics and is very enthusiastic in all lessons. She always tries hard and I am very pleased with her improvement in reading and writing. She managed over 20 correct spellings in the test last week! She is never afraid to have a go at new things and encourages her friends. I am delighted to have Lylie in my class this year, as she is so reliable and helpful. Well-done Lylie! 

Mrs Rodda

Class 5 – Year 2 – Chloe 

Star of week for class 5 is Chloe. Chloe is a great worker. She really thinks about what she is doing, putting in a lot of thought and effort to ensure her work is the best she can give. She is not only a lovely writer and good mathematician but also a very polite, helpful and caring member of the class. Well-done Chloe, keep up all that great work!

Mrs Daniels

Class 7 – Year 3 – Elexa

Class 7’s Star of the week is Elexa. Elexa is a delightful young lady who has an amazing work ethic and always works hard in all areas of the curriculum to produce some fantastic work. Elexa readily partakes in school life and contributes to class discussions Well-done.

Mrs Jane

Class 9 – Year 4 – Kayla 

We are very pleased with the effort that Kayla has been puttinginto her maths lessons recently. She has beenn particularly good at learning and applying Roman numerals as well as making some good progress in fractions and decimals. She was able to completethe mastery target for improper fractions. Well-done Kayla, keepup the good work.

Mrs Peck / Mrs Hamilton

Class 11 – Year 5 – Nathan

This week’s star of the week is Nathan. Nathan has been doing some awesome work in science this week. Learning all about Planet Earth, he has shared his knowledge with other members of the class, thus helping them learn. He has also continued his interest in space and carried it into literacy where he has started to plan a newspaper report about an astronaut searching for water on Pluto! Well done Nathan, keep it up!

Mr Stanlake

Class 13 – Year 6 – Harry

Harry is Class 13’s star of the week. Harry is a tremendous role model for others. He always works diligently, presents his work immaculately and tries his best in everything that he does. He is also a great asset to the netball team using strategies to help get the ball to the goal line or defending against the other team. Well-done Harry.

Mr Pollard/ Mrs Turner